Last 16th September Soldamatic Augmented Training showed up in the VougaPark-Centro de Inovação, in Aveiro (Portugal) by the hand of MWS-Master Welding Solutions .

The presentation of the Augmented Reality welding simulator was addressed to the business, academic and scientific sectors, but there were also representatives of public institutions, such as CCDRC, AICEP and IAPMEI

Referring to Soldamatic Augmented Training, unique training solution in Portugal in the field of welding, these entities have highlighted that it is a “bet on an innovative project that seeks to respond not only to the needs of Sever do Vouga, but the entire region, with special focus on the metal-mechanic industry ”

Founded by a group of young engineers in July 2015, the activity of MWS-Master Welding Solutions, new Seabery partner, is developed in three areas: engineering, inspection and training.

The presentation was on the news on Portuguese television Ribeirinhas tv :

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