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Designed with the objective to improve the learning processes – training, promotes the intensive practice, being dynamic and flexible because it allows to the teachers to easily manage the different courses with several students, regardless their level, learning rhythm and location.


LMS (Learning Management System) application for the management and development of the course which allows to the teacher to create contents, manage the course, and control the evolution of the students, as well as the interaction between the teacher and student in real time.

Augmented Reality

Permite a los alumnos sumergirse en entornos de simulación en los que practicar de forma realista sin limitaciones, riesgos, ni costes asociados, hasta que adquieren las habilidades y destrezas necesarias para pasar a un entorno real, pudiendo analizar en cada momento los resultados de cada una de las prácticas para hacer hincapié en las áreas donde se tienen más dificultades.

Práctica Real

La práctica en real siempre es necesaria, en el momento en el que el alumno desarrolla las habilidades y destrezas necesarias en Realidad Aumentada es el momento de pasar al entorno real.

Augmented Reality to digitalize the vocational training

What is Soldamatic?

State-of-the-art, turnkey, scalable, effective, and hyper-realistic welding training solution powered with Augmented Reality, revolutionizing welding training to create new generations of welders. Lista para usar, flexible y eficaz, utiliza Realidad Aumentada, revolucionando la formación en soldadura para crear nuevas las generaciones de soldadores.

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Developed by welders for welders and parameterized in a real welding lab, it is the most realistic welding training on the market.
The user experience like the reality is achieved thanks to the application of a set of technologies which combine real elements and Augmented Reality elements, that is what we call HyperReal-Sim by Seabery.


It incorporates practical and theoretical learning contents developed by the most prestigious experts in welding: DVS, AWS and CESOL, among others.
It allows remote access: teachers and students can work in long distance without connection because the working data will sync when the connection is available.


Available to teach from beginner students until professional welders thanks to the wide catalogue of welding joints based on real practices, as well as the development of customized joints.
It is a customized training, every student can practice on the Augmented Lab, until he/she acquires the abilities and skills necessary to move on to the Real Lab.


more certified welders than traditional methodology


decrease of real time in learning



decrease of laboratory costs


less accidents

Soldamatic Industrial Services is the solution for the welding training digitalization on the industrial sector which adapts itself to the necessities of each client.

The experience of Seabery on the industrial sector along with the technological development of Soldamatic, have enable to develop a specific solution for the training of professional welders, which uses joints and working procedures in Augmented Reality like those used in a real chain production.




Oil & Gas

Soldamatic Robotics is a robotic welding solution to train the operators, as well as to evaluate the programming of a complex welding before its production in real.

The Soldamatic technology allows its integration with any robot on the market and includes a wide catalogue of specific joints for robotic welding, just as specific training content.


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