Around 40 students in Brazilian Universidade Federal do Santa Catarina (USFC) in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina) tried and took advantage of welding simulator Soldamatic Augmented Training before getting into the booth.

Seabery’s commercial team in Brazil held a trial at this university during the so-called event Semana
Ampera and the results were amazing. Thanks to the time spent practising with the Augmented Reality welding simulator the university students improved their performance in real welding.


UFSC was founded in 1960 and its community consists of about 50,000 people, including teachers,
administrative staff and students. There are approximately 5,500 teachers and administrative staff working in various activities, the results of which are reference in Brazil and abroad.

Soldamatic, the first Augmented Reality (AR) physical welding simulator worldwide, which together
with an e-learning platform, based in the concept of Augmented Training, allows teaching qualified welders in a more sustainable and efficient way.

Over 300 governments, educational institutions and big industrial companies in more than 45 countries
already use the simulator developed by Seabery.


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