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Welding training solution

Soldamatic™ is a state-of-the-art, proven, effective and proprietary augmented reality-based training solution powered by HyperReal SIM™ , an exclusive trademarked feature that provides: The most realistic welding simulator training experience aside from actual welding.

Augmented RealityReality

AT Methodology

Remove the inefficient, expensive, risky, and polluting training.

SOLDAMATIC welding simulator as a solution

Seabery’s commitment is to attract and collaborate with the new generations, by creating training programs that generate skilled workforce that allow covering the necessities of the industrial sector and, more concrete, welding.


more certified welders than traditional methodology


decrease of real time in learning



decrease of laboratory costs


less accidents

Discover the revolutionary Soldamatic Augmented Training® experience with our unique Augmented Reality based welding simulator.

If you are interested in experiencing first-hand the power of Soldamatic, we invite you to complete our form to request a personalized demo – contact us now to explore the possibilities Soldamatic can offer your company or training center!

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