About Us


Seabery Augmented Technology is the world leader in the development of simulation-based educational solutions with Augmented Reality technology. The company’s hallmark is to become a benchmark in the EdTech and industrial sector of skills-based training, helping to evolve the traditional educational model and enabling companies to adapt to the requirements of Industry 4.0. The welding training solution, Soldamatic Augmented Training®, is currently deployed in more than 80 countries and its growth is exponential Soldamatic features the patented HyperReal-SimTM technology and has been awarded as The Best Augmented Reality Application in education at the Auggie Awards (Silicon Valley, California), as it proposes a new paradigm in the world of traditional vocational training. Recently, in March 2022, it was awarded as SME of the Year in Spain by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, receiving the award from HM King Felipe VI.


In the purest Silicon Valley style, Seabery was born in the “garage” of one of its founders, Basilio Marquínez (current President of Seabery), who had the original idea of applying an incipient technology such as Augmented Reality to improve the training process of a profession as old and important as welding. That crossing of ideas between a need and a technology takes shape with the expertise and vision of people related to the University of Huelva, who begin to shape a project that will become years later one of the most important companies in the city and undisputed world leader in digital welding training.

Huelva is the birthplace of Seabery and home to its headquarters. Despite this, our teams are composed of people from more than 20 different nationalities. Seabery has been growing in size and presence around the world, and this has allowed many of those who helped it to be born and grow, to develop a rich career within it.

The success of that vision was so spectacular that, year after year, the company has grown by reinvesting all its profits in talent and resources, inspired by the firm belief that the future would be even brighter. In 2022, we have joined the potential and vision of two of the most important investment funds in the country: Seaya and MCH, partners and friends that will help us to continue growing and improving.

We are inspired by training, but also by caring for the planet and our unwavering commitment to help its conservation. And of course, we are inspired by technology, without forgetting the people behind it.
In Seabery we have a beautiful story to tell, but even more exciting is the one we have yet to write, do you want to be part of it?


Basilio Marquínez (Founder and President) and Pedro Marquínez (CEO) with the Leadership Team of Seabery.


If we had to sum up in one sentence what the ultimate goal of Seabery’s people is, it would be something like “to imagine new ways to train a profession and find the way to materialize that concept into a high-tech product.” Not every company can draw its future on a blank canvas. That’s why working at Seabery is different.

The day-to-day at the company involves an “out of the box” thinking exercise to go where no one else has gone before. The type of products we design and build have generally not been conceptualized before, we are pioneers

Once we have a disruptive idea in hand, the next challenge is how to implement it. And here, too, we are different: the entire product creation cycle is carried out from start to finish within the company. From the first proof of concept, through the development of the software and hardware, to the design and assembly of the simulators and their peripherals. 

Another point that distinguishes us is the long-term commitment we establish with all our employees: all our employees have an indefinite employment relationship. When we decide to expand a team and open a new position, it is always with a view to the future.

In this way, regardless of the professional profile, people from all areas of the company contribute their grain of sand, as well as a particular vision that enriches the rest. We are all rowing in the same direction to change the way the world teaches and learns.