Soldamatic Augmented Training appears in one of the video advertisings of Skill India, an initiative of the Indian
Government, as one of the main skills enhancing tools to modernize vocational training in the

Concretely the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship is trying to promote technical and vocational training in the country, taking education of different professions to another level.

Soldamatic AT also appears in the printed materials of Skill India and governmental institutions such
as the Public Railway Company and the Royal Navy have already placed their trust on the first AR welding simulator worldwide.   

Skill India is a collaborative platform to help providing an engaging ecosystem to cater to skilling needs of citizens by publishing and sharing relevant information. It is mainly targeted at citizens seeking to enhance their existing skills.

Soldamatic Augmented Training is commercialized in India since 2013 by Seabery’s partner Impart Technologies and it has been used prominently during Skills India week.

Honourable minister for Skill Development,Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy witnessed Soldamatic demo and

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