On June 18, 2022, Seabery had the honor of participating in the work conference of the National Welding Industry Association, celebrated in Changshu, Jiangsu province, and sponsored by the China Welding Association. Several companies, domestic welding industry leaders, public institutions, industry organizations, chambers of commerce and colleges were present at the event, which brought together a total of 134 participants. 

“Innovation and development, transformation and upgrading, high-end manufacturing”. 

Li Liansheng, vice president and secretary general of the China Welding Association (CWA), submitted a work report to promote the welding industry to a new era of high-quality development. Other speakers focused on the urgent needs of the manufacturing industry for brazing technology, the latest developments of the welding industry, the achievements and prospects of talent training among the BRIC countries and the establishment of the future skills development and technological innovation institute.

During the conference, participants also discussed about the latest revision of the Vocational Education Act and the need to find an effective solution to fulfill the demand of qualified technical personnel and skilled personnel training. The digital transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry was another central topic of the conference.

Mr. Huang Xinlei, on Behalf of Seabery, had the chance to present to the public Seabery´s EdTech solution for welding training based on Augmented Reality, Soldamatic. Seabery has become a world reference in the educational sector, helping to change the traditional welding training model to a more personalized one, through the concept of Augmented Reality welding simulator.   

Alligned with skills and green development

Seabery´s vision clearly lines up with Chinese national goal to put more focus on equipping students with sophisticated digital skills, increasing the adaptability of vocational education to meet social demands and digital education reforms, encouraging enterprises and schools to improve their vocational education capacity and promoting the “green development” in the People´s Republic of China. 

Without a doubt, the conference has created a platform to encourage the cooperation among the welding enterprises, institutions, local governments, colleges, vocational and technical schools, and other relevant actors, and to promote the transformation and upgrading of China´s welding industry. 

Save the date

Moreover, Seabery has been invited to participate online in the BRICS Auditorium of Skills Development and Technology Innovation – Forum of “Virtual Simulation Technologies and its Application”, to be held on July 5th. Mr. Antonio Fernández Pérez (Seabery´s AMEA Business Director) will be present in the Session 2 (Virtual Simulation Technology in Welding) and will give a conference under the title of “The modernization of welding training with cutting edge AR simulation technology globally”.

The aim of this forum is to explore the latest virtual simulation technologies and new models of technology application in the rail transportation, welding and foundry, to promote the talents training and technology exchange in relevant fields among BRICS and “BRICS plus” countries.

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