Soldamatic Augmented Training has been one of the most tried technologies in past Augmented World Expo held in Santa Clara, California (USA).  It attracted the attention of experts, visitors and media.

In fact, this video from CCTV America shows Seabery’s simulator as a good examples of using Augmented Reality and Virtual reality beyond gaming, together with some big companies such as Vuforia.


Soldamatic is the first AR welding simulator worldwide and it enables to train future professional welders in a more efficient and sustainable way. Based on gamification and integrated in a whole new educational concept it attracts and engage young people to industrial and technical careers. 


This is the third year that Seabery and Soldamatic shows up in AWE. In fact the first year, in 2014, this learning technology was recognised with the Best Augmented Reality Solution for enterprise award. 

Seabery is leading the successful and profitable development and implementation of Augmented Reality in both the industrial and the educational sector. AR is precisely the basis of its innovative proposal which also involves new methodologies supported by different tools that makes the learning process more attractive for students and enables teachers to offer a them a personalized learning path, opening a new paradigm in the training of future qualified professionals.

Governments and multinational industrial companies from different sectors -automotive, manufacturing, machinery…- like Volkswagen, Mercedes, Man, John Deere, BIBA or Liehberr, among many others, have trusted on Soldamatic to train their personnel in specific procedures in a more sustainable and efficient way. Also teachers in American penitentiaries -concretely three of them Colorado- have encouraged people to start an industrial career using the AR welding simulator.


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