Soldamatic Augmented Training, developed by technological company Seabery, has successfully showed
up in the 69th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference 2016  held at Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, 10 – 15 July 2016.

Together with German welding partner EWM, the first Augmented Reality welding simulator has been exhibited for the first time in Australia, showing its potential to train more welders than only with traditional methodology in a
more efficient and sustainable way.

Seabery has also had the opportunity to speak about welding simulation, concretely about AR welding simulation and how this tool can be integrated in the welding curricula enhancing welders’ training and helping governments and industrial companies to have qualified workforce in less time.

The IIW Annual Assembly & International Conference is a unique global forum that provides the opportunity for professionals from around the world to share and develop scientific and technical knowledge of welding and related activities.

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