Dear “Seaberitas”

This is how our neighbors in Huelva refer to us these days.  I heard the term for the first time from an Onubense attorney in a very prominent restaurant in our town during my last trip to HQ.  It got me thinking… We are already well known in our town! And it made me very proud.

Get ready to continue coining the term beyond the city limits. This year will be the pivoting year when Seabery will become more than the traditional Soldamatic product. 2018 will be the year of exponential growth and external investment in the company.

Additionally, it will be the year for tremendous growth opportunities for all of you reading this note.  As part of the internationalization of the company, opportunities will arrive and you should be ready for the challenge to make the most of them for Seabery and for your personal development and growth.

For example, many of you have been investing time and effort in improving your English. This is an essential skill for your own development as a “Seaberita” and as a valuable employee anywhere you go in the future.  English is an easy language to learn at first, but difficult to master socially. As an immigrant in the US I can relate to this Finn’s frustrations with the English language in this short video…




Pedro Marquinez

CTO and Managing Partner

Seabery Augmented Technologies

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